Welcome to the Crypto Campfire! What a journey this has been ♥️

The two of us met in 2018 while working as community admins for a young crypto project. Our journey was different then. We were becoming more involved with the project and during this time our relationship blossomed into this amazing thing we decided to do: starting a podcast! We were invited to be guests on a friend’s podcast, and it inspired us to start one of our own! It has been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least. The Perfesser as a dev and Mitch as a positive energy have combined to bring knowledge and positivity to a world that is far too often shadowed with the negative. Void of color or judgement, we strive to keep it real, unbiased, and downright Comfortable for all involved and listening! The community is truly our drive and motivation to bring this and adoption to the forefront! Since May 2nd, this has evolved into something amazing for us and it’s just so humbling to be viewed as a great source for your listening pleasure.

The Crypto Campfire stands for decentralized communication amongst peeps both in and out of the crypto space. Just chill, laid-back and comfortable conversation about a variety of topics, the primary being YOU, the individual; the main component of our existence in this space! We talk about your adventures, your experiences and your views on life. We talk about cryptocurrencies, tokens & shitcoins, and everything in between in a relaxed “Campfire” setting, maybe sharing a beer or coffee😎! We are excited to bring this to you and have you all come along on this amazing and fierce journey with us, from now ’til infinity! 🚀 The possibilities are indeed endless! Thank you all for your support and the love you continue to show and amaze us with on a daily basis!

Remember!! “Without YOU, we wouldn’t BE!!”

PEACE Peeps! ✌️