Ep. 107 – A Voice From the Future: The 2028 Money Wars & Resisting the Temptation of Digital Comfort, with Time Traveler “Otto” @cypherdiaries2

Today we bring you a very special episode that we recorded with our friend known only as “Otto” @cypherdiaries2. He joins us from the front lines of the 2028 Money Wars in hopes of spreading knowledge and recruiting warriors to save the world from the coming economic collapse and the subsequent fallout. Otto stresses the importance of resisting the temptation of digital comfort to maintain privacy and security in a surveillance state and warns that the coronavirus outbreak serves as a catalyst for unprecedented change over the next 8 years. We touch on evolutions of virtual reality, how Fortnite has become the leading centralized virtual-world-based social networking platform, the future of global warming concerns, and even the butterfly effect. 
Read the full story of Otto’s fight in the 2028 Money Wars at cypherdiaries.net