Ep. 106 – Shitpoets-R-Us: Global Collaboration, Trusted Sources, and Coat Hanger Engineering with Shitcoin Sherpa

Today we welcomed Shitcoin Sherpa back to the campfire for some good, old fashioned off-the-rails conversation. Sherpa was the 5th guest ever to join us for a campfire when he told us all his dirt little secrets in Episode 6! How could we not bring him back on for #106!? In this episode we talked about trusted sources and verifying information, the power of global collaboration and COVID-19 as a catalyst, and why you should always be prepared. But, we quickly find ourselves down the old-school-tech rabbit hole, talking rabbit ears, coat hanger engineering, tin foil, 56k modems, and even….Matlock???     Yea, we don’t know why either. 

Hope you enjoy!