Ep. 93 – Blockchain Ticketing, Biological Cloud Computing, and the Powers of Dave Grohl with EventChain Founder Ashton Addison

Today we got to catch up with someone we met at CIS in Los Angeles. Ashton Addison is the founder of EventChain and host of Crypto Coin Show. In this episode we touch on everything from ticketing with blockchain, Jetson’s tech, and autonomous sharing economies to biological cloud computing, co-evolution of technology, and AR/VR events. To keep it a little crazy we ponder such nonsense as ruptured spleens and the powers of Dave Grohl, hockey and Canadian pizza, and even live-roasting the IRS. Hopefully you’ll learn something and have a few laughs from this episode.

Enjoy :)

Hosts: Mitch & The Perfesser
Ashton Addison
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