Ep. 88 – Stacking Sats, Dodging Scams, and Doing WHATEVER TF WE WANT with Kenn Bosak

What can we say other than HOLY FRIGGIN COW how fun was this episode?!?!?! Our favorite “bro bro” Kenn Bosak drops by the Campfire for way to much tomfoolery, a healthy bit of insanity, and a wee bit of logical thought. Open up your earholes and get ready to absorb everything there is to know about skiing with the flu, Bitcoin faucets, the coming BTM takeover, Bitconnect, and even giant dicks. (No, sadly the last two are not connected.) We also drop a hint to an upcoming event (That may or may not happen, #ThanksCoronavirus -_-), ponder what would happen if the Woz held $XRP, and prepare for the fast approaching switch from Rangoons to Ramen.
Shout out to Matt Harris, Poet Project, Kyle Kemper, Jarrod Dicker, Alon Goren, Steve Wozniak