Campfire Blog #11 – Trigger Warning, BravoCoin, Remote Help, and so much more!

Hey there Campfire listeners and readers. I’ve been a little MIA from dealing with things on the Homefront. We have 5 to cover so they are a little shorter this round as we catch back up. I hope everyone has been enjoying the podcast as much as I have, let’s dive in.

Episode 75 – In this episode we get to hear from cartoonist Joe Chiappetta who they guys met at the crypto summit last year. He joined the podcast this time around to talk about digital art exchanges and the impact blockchain has had on art and artists. They guys touch on mass adoption and how long they think it is going to take. Overall this was a fun podcast with some great antics. The rabbit holes lead to a waffle iron man, but for more on that you will have to give it a listen!

Episode 76 – MaptoSuccess201 joined the podcast to talk about quite a few topics. The main topic was adoption and putting Bitcoin on the map. They talk how big media tries to keep Bitcoin down as well as what truly deflates crypto. We also hear how he takes his Uber career and talks to people about Bitcoin as well as some interesting stories from the road. For some reason, I always want to hear Uber driver stories, I am a sucker for them. If you are as well this podcast is perfect combo of crypto and Uber.

Episode 77 – Adam Barlam from BravoCoin joins the podcast to talk BravoCoin! If you don’t know, BravoCoin lets you post reviews, like Yelp, but you get paid in BravoCoin for your reviews. Personally, love this project and they are making great strides. We get to hear from Adam on the creation of the project and how it evolved a bit. I found this podcast very interesting but, as I said, I am BravoCoin fan. If you have ever wondered how to make some money in crypto or interested in making money for reviews this podcast is perfect for you. Of course, if you just want to hear about some free-range Koalas then this could be right for you also.

Episode 78 – Frederic Rough joined the podcast to talk web 3.0 and remote support for the blockchain. I don’t want to get into this podcast too much because it was a short one. Frederic had to reschedule due to some work things coming up during the podcast but for the 30ish minutes they did get in there was some interesting stuff. This is around 30 minutes so perfect if you only have a short bit to listen.

Episode 79 – Bensdad143 Joins the podcast to talk crypto and life. This was a fun chat, but I should throw in a trigger warning for this podcast. Ben was gracious enough to not only share his love of crypto and how he got started in the crypto space but his personal story involving the loss of his first child, his challenges with Ben, and his new extended family. It was truly touching and almost made me cry a little. The more personal stuff comes at the end of the podcast. Great podcast, lots of feels in this one!

Episode 80 – Nils Fokkenrood, the community manager for the Campfire Boys other project, Cerebro, joins the podcast. This is a great Segway from the last podcast as we get some humor laced with crazy antics. The whole podcast is a wild tangent laced with crypto facts and things going on in Nils world. Nils is a funny guy with lots of interesting hobbies, but of course you will have to listen to find out more.

As always, I’m Crypto J with and thanks for stopping by!

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