Ep. 85 – Beyond the Candles: Blockchain Tutorials for Everyone, Digital Sovereignty, and Feline Infiltrations With chaintuts Owner Josh McIntyre

Meet Josh McIntyre, owner of chaintuts, an organization focused on providing educational materials for blockhain and cryptocurrencies. Josh talks with us about the importance of sharing knowledge and helping people learn about the crypto space, and how chaintuts is helping to simplify the process of adoption. We touch on the topic of regulatory ignorance and government resistance to the adoption of new technologies, the difficulties in acheiving and maintaining digital sovereignty, and even fantasize about playing roller hockey in the rain!
Shout out to Clint Westwood, Rebecca White, and Laura Taylor
Hosts: Mitch & The Perfesser
Josh McIntyre, Owner of chaintuts
Intro: HippieN3rd
The Crypto Gent