Ep. 84 – Game Theory & Decentralized Consensus, Next-Gen Digital Tools, and the Dangers of Convenience with Andreas Antonopoulos

Renowned Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Educator Andreas M. Antonopoulos joins us for the Campfire conversation of a lifetime! Listening to Andreas speak is always a treat, and having a deep chat with him is even more enjoyable. We quickly found ourselves discussing game theory and decentralized consensus, non-currency use cases of open blockchains, the dangers of convenience, the Coronavirus and it’s effects (if any) on cryptocurrencies, and even what might happen in the hypothetical situation where all high-explosives suddenly become inert. We also touch on the transition to next-gen digital tools, crypto’s role in the IoT ecosystem, and social scoring systems like Sesame in China. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode. It was an absolute blast to record!