Ep. 83 – Middle-Aged Men & A Female Android: Identifying & Protecting Yourself From Scams w/ Colin the Crypto Ocelot

We’ve somehow made a terrible mistake for the second time and allowed Colin the Crypto Ocelot back on the Campfire! But that’s ok, because we know you love an hour full of crazy nonsense and the occasional useful tidbit of information! Unfortunately for you, we’ve managed to pack this full of lots of actual info, so you’ll be forced to learn something while you listen. You’ll get over it, we promise. You’ll learn about identifying and protecting yourself from scams both in and out of the crypto space, why you should -always- DYOR (Do Your Own Research) when looking at a new investment or project to get involved with, how emotions and greed can affect your ability to perform careful due diligence, and why we’ll soon be hiding on Easter Island from casino mobsters.
PLUS Red Kat Life makes a special appearance! We hope you enjoy the brain sizzles you’ll get from this action packed episode!
Shout out to Clint Westwood, Red Kat Life, and CoinFlip ATM