Ep. 77 – Blockchain Powered Reviews, Gamifying Life, and Free Range Cactus Koalas with Adam Barlam of Bravocoin

Adam Barlam, CTO and co-founder of Bravocoin, gives us an in-depth look at what Bravocoin does, how they leverage the blockchain in their solution, and their goals for making it accessible to the casual user. Crypto apps and dapps can often be difficult for new people to use easily and securely, so we talk about some solutions such as non-custodial key management to help remedy this. We also find ourselves discussing getting paid in crypto, the pros and cons of being and early adopter of new tech, failing currencies and the paradigms of money, and even gamifying life in general. Hope you enjoy!
Guest: Adam Barlam, CTO & Co-Founder of Bravocoin
Intro: HippieN3rd
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