Campfire Blog #10 – Spec Mining, Government Cryptos, Knowledgebombs, and The Satoshi Awards!

Holy hell thats a long title. Welcome back Campfire listeners and readers! Its your friendly crypto blogger Crypto J back with another edition of The Campfire Blog! If you thought last week was a bit longer well this week steps it up a notch. I actually almost caught up which isn’t hard when the content is so great. With that said, let’s dive in!

Episode 71 features Securities Attorney Jonathan C. Dunsmoor who joins the podcast to go over a little bit of legal talk about crypto and how he decided he was going to use crypto in law and ways law could incorporate crypto. For example, government issued crypto currency. It’s not a stretch to think that the government would go ahead and create a digital currency especially in areas where the economy is poor, and the local currency is worthless. The guys talk about driving adoption (pun intended, listen to the podcast if you don’t get it), crypto law and economics, and head down some fun rabbit holes along the way. A must listen for any Campfire fan!

Episode 72 features Steve Ellis and Phil Cogan who represent The Satoshi Awards. First off, let me say if there is an award for best crypto blogger I’d like to nominate that guy over at He’s really good you should check him out!
Ok shameless plug but in seriousness these two are starting an award show to highlight the best people in crypto. Areas range from developers to influencers to highlight as much of the crypto community. On top of plugging the awards show (which sounds cool AF) they also talk about seed cards in Antarctica, promoting crypto, and driving adoption along with some fun rabbit holes that you have come to expect from Mitch and The Perfessor.

Episode 73 features Author R.L. Bryer who comes on to not only plug his books but talk crypto in general. They talk about getting family into crypto and if its ok to pull out the “I told you so” card at gatherings. He talks about adoption, taxes, and education in the crypto space. My favorite part however is the idea of using Legos as a store of value. With recent discoveries in ABS plastics and their varying use cases this isn’t as farfetched as it sounds… or I’m weird.

Episode 74 features Mario Price of BitCash who comes on to talk about, well, Bitcash. First off let me say I heard the name Bitcoin Cash when I first turned on the podcast and it is NOT that. Bitcash is a fork of Bitcoin but with the goal of making transacting with each other easier and setting up tiered coins. Stable, Speculative, and Gold Backed. A very interesting concept that could change or help evolve the crypto space to where it needs to go. We get to hear about why he moves around so much and its the same exact reason Samuel L Jackson hates planes! We get to hear how Mitch was cast in the show Lost in Space (Joke, listen to the podcast) and get some insight on specc mining from Mario. My favorite part however comes at the end when we get a DEV rage quit story! Who doesn’t love a good rage quit story!

Well everyone, it has been a pleasure writing this for you! I hope you enjoyed your time with me as you do listening to the podcast.

As always, I’m Crypto J with and thanks for stopping by the Crypto Campfire Podcast!

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