Campfire Blog #9 – Charity, Aphids, and Real Estate

Well hello there Campfire readers and listeners! Been a little while. You may have seen my many Twitter posts promoting this very post as epic and longer than usual. While true, this is what we call a stall tactic (hehe). Seriously though, the guys are pumping out episodes faster than the Flash can save Iris from Weather Wizard. And yes, that was a nerd joke! I’m a huge Flash fan so that’s what you get sometimes. Ok, let’s get into it. lots to cover and lots coming down the pipeline.

Episode 67 features Onwalezi Daniel, Founder of Onwadan’s Charity Foundation. This episode is one you are going to want to listen to when you are relaxing in a quiet place and can focus. The information here is important and you don’t want to miss anything. The guys go over how Mr. Daniel is using crypto to fund projects that provide food for impoverished areas. He talks about how being able to transcend borders quickly helps get the food to the people he is supporting faster and more efficiently. I also found it great that this foundation doesn’t just hand money to people. They take the time to provide good quality food to people who otherwise would have no idea where their next meal is coming from.

Episode 68 features Dapix CEO David Gold to talk about the FIO project. This episode is of course fun and goes down some nice rabbit holes from time to time. The important thing that I personally took away is they are trying to do what .com did for internet in the crypto space. For those that don’t know a .com is a way to translate hard to remember numbers into an easy to remember name. For example, would you go to No. You would go to because that’s way easier to remember. FIO is trying to do that with wallet addresses which is greatly needed in the crypto space. It’s the one area I feel really needs to be fine-tuned. How great would it be to pay CryptoCampfire instead of some long alphanumeric string? Make sure to listen to this episode because what they are trying to accomplish is going to be game changing!

Episode 69 features Amy Silverman who is in the real estate industry. As you can imagine this podcast covers real estate and how crypto is changing the real estate industry as well as how Amy would like to see crypto and blockchain technology change it. This of course leads into colonizing other areas or celestial bodies. Amy is fun to listen to and has great insight into the industry. She has been buying and selling houses for quite a while now. She tackles topics like real estate law and the blockchain, crypto payments and smart contracts, and outdated bookkeeping methods used by our government.

Episode 70 features Brandon Cooper, Founder of Aphid. Brandon and his company Aphid are attempting to disrupt the way we make money. The way it was explained is you have a bot out in cyberspace preforming tasks and if you maintain the bot you get paid. It’s like sending your Tesla out to use as an Uber with autopilot on. You sit at home and make the money while your car drives people around. Of course, you still must take care of the car and this is where their philosophy comes in. It’s a really cool concept and of course this kind of user experience is a grand feat, but if/when everything comes to fruition it could be a game changer for society as a whole. Think of how much extra time you would have if you had to spend a couple hours a week maintaining a bot instead of 40+ hours a week grinding metal or hammering nails. I know I would love more time at home. Make sure you check this one out as Brandon explains it way better than I do. Of course, he is the founder.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope this kept you busy during your afternoon restroom break. As always, I’m Crypto J with and I hope to see you back here next week!

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