Ep. 67 – Transcending Borders: Charitable Applications of Crypto Across the World with Onwalezi Daniel, Founder of Onwadan’s Charity Foundation

In this episode we explore how Onwadan’s Charity Foundation is leveraging blockchain to aid in their humanitarian efforts in Africa. Onwalezi Daniel, the founder of the foundation, gives us some insight into the children they are helping, what their needs are, and how cryptocurrencies amplified their ability to provide aid. We also touch on the importance of community and working together on a global scale to acheive more. 
Shout out to Changeangel, Justin Vendetta and Mark Wittenberg from Verge Currency, and Rebecca White
Hosts: Mitch & The Perfesser
Guest: Onwa Dan, founder of
OnwaDan Charity Foundation
Intro: HippieN3rd
The Crypto Gent