Ep. 66 – The Connected Future: Secure Trading Tools, Influencer vs. Advocate, and Drunk Trapeze with Coygo Co-Founders Evan Francis & Dorian Kersch

We met Evan and Dorian, founders of Coygo, at Crypto Invest Summit on Los Angeles. We didn’t have time to talk long, so we were excited to get them onboard for a podcast recording. In this episode we chat about the Coygo app which provides secure tools and insights for crypto users, the difference between influencers and advocates, self funded projects, free ads, and sports that would be improved with a minimum B.A.C. level. 
Hosts: Mitch & The Perfesser
Guest: Evan Francis & Dorian Kersch – Founders of Coygo

Intro: HippieN3rd
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